Monday, April 24, 2006


USA Today, Townhall, and Temple

Lots of ground to cover this morning (The result of not posting regularly), though I doubt I'll get to all of it.
First, thanks to Judy Mandell, fellow ASJA-er and the author of one of my favorite books on writer-editor relationships, who interviewed me recently about male-female relationships for an article in USA Today. Judy's great article is in this morning's edition.
Also, our latest in tackles the question of just when do dissenters cross the line into sedition.
Lots of folks already talking about it. More later.
Speaking of "talking," my buddy John Temple Ligon is now hosting a brand new talk-radio show, The Sunday Temple Times, 10 o'clock each Sunday morning on WIS Radio 1320 AM, here in Columbia, S.C.
Much more to discuss. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 16, 2006



Last year, I published a link to a piece by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in London's THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.
On this Easter Sunday, it is worth re-sharing.
A portion of it reads:
"Without the Resurrection, human society would not have known the one, singular, astonishing thing that underpins the best of our laws and our traditions: that God gave himself to the world in Jesus Christ, was rejected by the world, and became a victim. Without the Resurrection, Jesus would have remained an unknown victim - trampled on, and forgotten; and human society would be none the wiser. But God raised Jesus up, demonstrated His power over death, and gave those who witnessed it the knowledge that the bloodied victim abandoned on Golgotha was, after all, His beloved son."
Read the entire piece here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Stanton Smith to The Citadel

Much goings on related to our latest pieces: One was picked up by Kurdish Media; another by NewsBusters, a project of Media Research Center (yes, Brent Bozell's group). The NewsBusters version was also included in Rush Limbaugh's Daily Stack of Stuff. Also, Michael Reagan's site, and countless blogs and other news outlets, which I'll get to later.
The most exciting news of the day, however, is Stanton Smith (yes, the good-looking pitcher in the picture) committing to The Citadel on a Vandiver athletic scholarship. He's currently a student at Hopewell High School in Charlotte, N.C.
Though we have the same last name, Stanton and I are of no blood-relation other than the fact that his dad, Danny, and I are life-long friends (and when we were in high school, we told people we were brothers).
Stanton's mom, Debbie is one of the finest, most beautiful - inside and out - women I know. Stanton's paternal granddad, Roland Smith, is a former U.S. Marine. His maternal granddad, Bill Foster, is a retired NCAA head basketball coach who once coached the Gamecocks.
Not surprisingly, Stanton is a superb young man on and off the mound, and I'm thrilled that he's going to be part of the Bulldog Baseball Team and a member of South Carolina's famous Corps of Cadets.
P.S. Scroll down for more happenings this week.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Dispelling myths

Much goings on in terms of dispelling the myths about 21st-century American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. See here at
And don't miss this story on the recent lecture by Qubad Talabani, son of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, here in Columbia, South Carolina.
The story has since been picked up by a variety of blogs and news sources, including Iraqi Kurdistan's official site, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and Family Security Matters (FSM).
Speaking of FSM, I've been named to the board of advisors of this fantastic organization, which is dedicated to informing all Americans about the issues and solutions concerning national security.
Thrilled to be associated with FSM. More to come on that.
Also, I enjoyed some great barbeque and corporate tour of Fabrique Nationale, yesterday, hosted by my friends at the Columbia World Affairs Council. Yes, FN manufactures the vast majority of small arms for the U.S. military. Much more to come on that too.
Congratulations to Cadet Justin Self, an airborne/air-assault trained Ranger-hopeful who has been promoted to Company Commander for his upcoming year at South Carolina's storied military academy, The Citadel.
I'm particularly proud of this young warrior, because I taught him to hit the speed-bag at the Columbia YMCA, and his dad, Keith Self is a good friend (and probably the proudest dad I know).
And finally, "Bravo!" to my handsome, hyper-intelligent nephew, Michael Paul Fowler, who played the part of a knight in "Once upon a mattress," a wonderful play put on by the drama department at Lugoff Elgin High School, just up the road from Columbia.

Friday, April 07, 2006


E! and other things

Our latest at, published Monday, is a piece about my good friend Dean DuBois who passed away last week. Lots of mail coming in on that.

Also Monday had a one-on-one breakfast with Charles Bierbauer, former CNN senior Washington correspondent who now serves as dean of the University of South Carolina's College of Mass Communications and Information Studies. We discussed everything from the finer points of reporting, interviewing, and being interviewed on camera to the Florida election craziness in 2000 to military public affairs. Fascinating to say the least.

Speaking of fascinating, attended a lecture by Qubad Talabani (son of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani) Monday evening at USC's Law School. Will be sharing more on that later.

And finally, speaking of cameras, was interviewed yesterday here at home by Christopher Hines with E! True Hollywood Story.

E! is producing a forthcoming television special, and they flew-in Chris and a camera crew to talk with me about piracy and terrorism. They basically turned my house into a television studio, but fortunately turned it back into a house before they left.
Stay tuned for updates on that.


Sunday, April 02, 2006


Here's another picture of Max, 1,000 boxes of Cheerios ago


Fun in Carolina

The Carolina Cup, an old Palmetto State steeplechase tradition, was held yesterday at the world-famous Springdale horse track in Camden, S.C. ... just up the road from Columbia.
And here enjoying the day is a good-looking group of spectators: The boy on the far right is my nephew, state wrestling champion William Maxwell Fowler (with girlfriend Rachel).
P.S. Read more about Max here.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Latest stories and "some of your mail"

Our latest stories at
Altering perceptions of Iraq, on propaganda and disinformation related to the war in Iraq; and Our country, right or wrong, on the anniversary of the death of Naval hero Stephen Decatur (Yes, the picture is of Commodore Decatur.).

Then, syndicated columnist Jack Kelly again quotes us here. By the way, Jack is a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force (in the Reagan administration), as well as a former U.S. Marine and an Army Special Forces soldier.

Also - and this is too funny - Hamas is threatening to "obliterate" Rotary Clubs. I'm not kidding. I have to laugh (I think) at the utter lunacy of it. Check out Mona Charen's latest here.

Some of your mail:

* "I love this, thank you. So wonderful to learn of the great and honorable men that we owe everything to. I love my country.
I never learned American History during my public school education - but I am working on making up for that, and I intend to turn that family legacy around in my children.
So glad you're out there. Thanks again so much!"

* "Eichman had similar sentiments. Clooney should not be censured for being liberal or critiquing American behavior - The USA, far from being the envy of the world has now become the world's bully. And I differ with the current hypocrisy called an administration, not over a war but for subsequent events, like the erosion of civil liberties and wire tapping and cronyism and arrogance."

* "What a wonderfully written column. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite writers."

* "I agree with you sir. We live in a sad state when a nation that has nutured patriots such as Barron and Decatur in the past is infested with such as Clooney, Kennedy, Streisand, Kerry, Fonda, and Huffington. Your word "ilk" could not have been more appropriate."

* "BRAVO - now so what? For the end to all this, refer back to Vietnam."

* "Keep writing your great columns; the word has got to get out: "our country is at war for its very survival."

and a special note from Columbia's Joe Pinner (who always, to me, will be Mr. Knozit)

* "W. Thomas...again, so devastated at the news of Dean's passing...what a jewel of a man [He is referring to mutual friend, the late Brig. Gen. Dean C. DuBois Sr., who passed away on Monday, March 27.]. As far as 'freedom of speech' ...what a manipulated string of words...a shield held up by the most evil and filthiest of minds as they assault the senses and decent society with the vilest forms of what they term 'adult/mature entertainment,' thought-provoking dialogue, any writing or demonstration to advance their abhorrent agenda. Yes, I am one of those old coots who believes that our grantors of this 'amendment of freedom' did NOT mean for it to be used and abused as it is today by it's various interpretations. Hear the voice of those who cry out, 'Who are you to say what is decent?' Well, I think most people who are raised with an ounce of tender loving care and who have an ounce of compassion and love in their souls know 'what is decent,' as opposed to what is dark and foreboding and indecent. It doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure that out. What we as humans have to do as we journey through this life is try and make choices that enable us to enjoy the many joys a life can bring and cope with the sadnesses that are heir to us make this 'world' a better place and try not to unjustly harm anyone along the way. We must seize from those who are 'prostituting' our first amendment and restore the value, the true essence of it's meaning and not allow it's misuse.
Case in point: demonstraters often say they have a right to assemble in any fashion to forward their 'cause,' overlooking the word 'peaceably,' to 'peaceably' assemble. And the oldie but goodie case in point: You don't yell 'fire' in a crowded theater! To the masses, I will NOT always defend to the death your right to say it...and that is my right. I know, enough already! I've violated your right to not be bombarded by my 'freedom of speech!.'
W. Thomas Smith, Jr., I, too, am a 'Jr.'. I am also an only child and you can probably realize why my parents decided to stop at one. I also appreciate your perspective on life as you see it. I feel comfortable with your words and your views. I ponder them, think and, thereby, feel enlightened and for that I thank you not only for them but for your friendship. Remember, don't postpone joy."
Joe Pinner aka Leon Joseph Pinner, Jr. aka Mr. Knozit - Columbia, S.C.


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