Sunday, October 29, 2006


Lugoff-Elgin High School - 9th Grade - Football 2006

The Lugoff-Elgin Freshmen High School Football Team (yep, we called it B-squad in my era) has just finished a 5-3 season, which starting center and middle linebacker Max Fowler (my nephew and godson) attributes to everyone "just hitting it off really well, on and off the field."
Though only 14, Max speaks like a pro. Max's performance and leadership has earned him - and a handful of his equally talented and competitive teammates - the honor of dressing out with the varsity team this coming Friday.
As a tribute to this fine group of young men, I'm sharing with everyone some of the pictures I shot of them this season (scroll down over the last three posts to view them, or simply click here, here, and here).
Oh, and look for Max: He's # 52.
And STAY TUNED for some great LE High School wrestling action.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Defending our 95,000-mile coastline

We discuss the U.S. Maritime Homeland Defense Force (Forming) here at World Defense Review and in my recent conversation with Rear Admiral Tim Beard.
Semper Fi,

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


'WTSjr's Quarterly, maybe'

OK, so perhaps I should change the name of this blog to 'WTSjr's Quarterly, maybe.'
Anyway, here are some pictures of my nephews (Michael is the deerhunter. Max is the football player.)


Pirates wins!

Computer Times


Understanding Intelligent Design

So, the FedEx man just dropped off a hot-off-the-presses copy of my latest book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design, co-authored with ID expert Christopher Carlisle.

Chris, among other things, is the Episcopal chaplain at the University of Massachusetts.

The book will be released in early December, in time for Christmas and Hanukkah, but you may pre-order copies now at and Barnes & Noble.

(Oh, and don't forget about Pirates, Aaargh!)

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