Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Please pray for Jill Carroll

An email sent an hour or so ago:

Dear family, friends, and colleagues,
This is a very simple appeal, but one that many of you well-know has the potential for great power: It is the power of prayer. And it is needed very much right now for 28-year-old journalist Jill Carroll and her family.
Jill, of course, was abducted by gunmen in Iraq on January 7. She since has been threatened with death, and her captors have demanded that all female prisoners in Iraq be freed by the U.S., our coalition partners, and the Iraqi government before Jill is freed.
Today, a tape recently released by her captors was published, worldwide, showing a terribly frightened and weeping Jill.
This young woman has done nothing to deserve anything less than to be freed and soon.
(This is Jill)
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Please, if you are a person of faith, pray for Jill and her family.
If you are not a person of faith, perhaps consider the fact that God also loves you, and He hears all of our prayers. Even when we are not sure of Him.
Sure, some might say, "Why Jill? Aren't others just as much in need of prayer?"
Of course, we should pray for all people. We should pray that God's Will be done in all things.
Let's also pray for Jill.
W. Thomas Smith Jr.

P.S. Please forward this message to any-and-everyone.
There is always strength in numbers.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Comments from a 'fighting General' in Iraq

Fascinating comments from Brigadier General Daniel P. Bolger, commander of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team in Iraq, today at townhall.com.
Also, as I reported yesterday at National Review Online's THE CORNER, Hamas is calling for a new Palestinian Army into which its "martyr" (suicide) units would be folded. Oh yeah, that's a lovely thought, isn't it?
And finally, check out the new issue of Woman's Day, specifically a piece entitled 6 Everyday Ways to Say "I Love You" by Kathy Sena. In it, she talks about my taking "football cookies" to nephew Max's football game. Oh, speaking of Max, scroll down and check out yesterday's post.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Talking 'pirates' on FOX NEWS

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Yep, me on FOX NEWS' Big Story with Julie Banderas. We chatted about the recent incidents of piracy off Somlia, and the connections between pirates and terrorists, worldwide. Jeff Quinton and others talking it up. Thanks guys.
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Meanwhile, my 14-year-old nephew, Max Fowler (the tall good-looking kid with braces in the picture below) became a middle school wrestling State Champion in an overtime match, tonight. My family and I are all so proud of him. More about this incredible young man and the things he is doing!
His older brother, Michael (not pictured), is also an amazing young man, and there's lots more to tell about him, too. Stay tuned!
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Sunday, January 22, 2006


U.S. Navy seizes pirate ship

As I report today at National Review Online's THE CORNER:
The USS Winston S. Churchill, a U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer, has seized and boarded a pirate ship off the coast of Somalia. See here.

photo - A boarding team from the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81), approaches a suspected pirate vessel to conduct a boarding and inspection at sea, Jan. 21.
(Sailors from the USS Winston Churchill approach pirate ship.
- official U.S. Navy photo)

I also
wrote about 21st-Century Pirates a week-and-a-half ago at townhall.com
Then, how could I mention pirates and piracy with showing you the cover of pirate expert Gail Selinger's and my new book on pirates, due to be released in April.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Pirates (Complete Idiot's Guide to)

Friday, January 20, 2006


Latest gig

New gig as technical consultant for The New Technology of War.
Here's more:


From the world's #1 science and technology authority, comes an explosive new television series presenting the near-total transformation of the 21st century military: exotic weapons, extreme science, and futuristic inventions….happening now!
Produced in association with Popular Mechanics Magazine, this spectacular documentary series (available early 2006) features never-seen footage, exclusive expert interviews and the latest updates. Complete with an informative and compelling narrative, the episodes highlight: Counter-Terrorism, Ground Combat, Airpower,
Seapower, and The Future of War.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection

My latest at Townhall.com, "The Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection," is generating quite a bit of feedback from both sides of the political divide... Naturally, much of it comes from opponents of the war who simply do not want the truth to see ink. I'd love to print what they're saying, but most of it simply too profane or incomprehensible for consideration.
Sorry guys.
Getting some good play though from author and nationally syndicated radio host Neal Boortz who labels it "required reading" and says, "One of the accusations of the leftist, anti-Bush crowd is that there was no link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Actually, there was: Townhall.com columnist W. Thomas Smith Jr. will bring you up to speed."
Also, New York-based economist and writer for The Weekly Standard (and other publications), Thomas Joscelyn, who says, "W. Thomas Smith, Jr. has an excellent piece on the issue of Saddam's terrorist training camps on TownHall.com. ... It is well worth the read."
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


New Townhall.com column

Thrilled to be on the Townhall.com team. 
Here's my latest on
21st Century Pirates.

Semper Fi,


Marines, soldiers unearth huge weapons cache

I get these updates all the time, but the number of weapons in this instance was worth posting
Anyway, I just got word from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq, that Marines, attached U.S. soldiers, and Iraqi soldiers have uncovered a huge weapons cache near Hit (in the Al Anbar Province). Many of the weapons - including some 500 rockets, artillery, and mortar rounds, as well as 100 tank rounds and lots of of rocket propellant, fuses, and blasting caps (all of which may be used to construct IEDs) - were found buried in a cemetery (though not all). Assault rifles, ammo and at least two IEDs were also discovered.
"This was our biggest find to date," said 1st Lt. Antonio Agnone, a combat engineer platoon commander. "We’ve uncovered numerous, and significant caches the insurgents have hidden in Hit in places where they thought they would have easy access to them."
Agnone also said that what "amazed" many of his Marines, particularly the new Marines, was the lengths the insurgents would go to hide the weapons and ammo... like in the cemetery.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The Marlboro Man of Fallujah

Talking about him over at THE CORNER.

Remember the Marlboro Man of Fallujah? Editor & Publisher is reporting that, today, he's out of the Marines, but dealing with PTSD stemming from high intensity combat.
According to E&P, Lance Corporal Blake Miller told CBS, "For the most part, I mean, it was a big adjustment [when I got home] just trying to get in that mindset of being able to just roam, run around without fear of being shot at or where to look for danger. ... It's unexplainable. I mean, just to go from that mindset to being able to walk around freely and just enjoy it."
See here.

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