Monday, February 26, 2007


We're quoted in The Writer, again ...

In her latest, Bring the beat to your community during National Poetry Month, Kay Day, a web columnist for The Writer magazine, writes:

For those who don't write poetry, there's certainly a place for verse amid the rigors of daily life. American journalist W. Thomas Smith Jr. says poetry definitely has a place in our lives. "Poetry is indeed relevant to the enrichment of our daily lives," he says. "Poetry, like art and music, is remembered. We recall paintings we saw as a child, as well as lyrics, tunes, and the strains of certain instruments we heard. It's the same with poetic lines and stanzas. In well-written prose we may remember the story, sometimes a perfect line or two. In well-written poetry, however, we always remember the actual words and how they were used." Smith is a South Carolina author of six books whose articles have appeared in publications like USA Today and U.S. News and World Report.

Read Kay's entire column here.
[Visit W. Thomas Smith Jr.'s official website at]

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