Saturday, January 29, 2005


Less than 24 hours before polls open in Iraq

Here in Columbia, S.C., the ice storm cometh. In fact, I can hear the sleet hitting the shrubs outside my window as I type this. I hope we don't lose electricity - South Carolina power grids seem to be hyper-sensitive to even a threat of snow flurries - but if so I've got plenty of food, water, Diet Coke, candles, fresh batteries, warm blankets, and wood for the fireplace.
Meanwhile, in less than 15 hours, history will begin to be made in Iraq.

I know it's terribly messy - and in some corners, tragic - but when you consider the fact that Iraqis WANT TO VOTE and they are planning to risk their lives to do so. Of the 7,000-plus candidates on the national ballot every third candidate MUST be a woman. Our guys are on the streets trying to protect voters so they can exercise what so many of us here take for granted. At the same time, opponents of democracy in that country are executing - shooting, blowing-up, beheading - people in the street, ... good gracious, isn't it pretty clear who the good guys and the bad guys are?

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