Sunday, December 19, 2004

I know, I know... There really needs to be some consistency here: It’s just with the new book project, articles, deadlines, a few public gigs, deadlines, a smattering of community obligations, more deadlines, travel time, and an endless number of Christmas parties; there is little time left for blogging.
Speaking of parties: Special thanks to my lifelong friend, Daniel Patrick “Danny” Smith (no blood relation, though as teenagers we used to tell people we were brothers), for hosting his annual gathering of some 150-plus high school friends, last night, here in Columbia, S.C.
As usual and generally speaking, the women - primarily 43-46-years-old - were all (pardon the cliché) drop-dead gorgeous. The guys (about the same age) weighed more than “we” used to. And some of us still were sporting most of our hair.
Anyway, as part of the holiday soireé, Danny organized a Toys for Tots drive, and with the help of Michelle Burnette, collected several huge bags of brand-new toys that will be picked up by local Marine Reservists tomorrow morning.
Danny is truly a special pal, dad, husband, son, brother, youth-league baseball coach, business and civic leader, and loyal friend to anyone who is fortunate enough to know him. He’s the kind of guy who would give you his last dollar and expect nothing in return... very rare these days. No exaggeration, there are simply not enough superlatives to describe Danny Smith.
Oh, and please visit his website at

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