Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Happy Birthday, Marines

Today is the 229th birthday of the finest fighting force on the planet... and America's force of choice in the battle for Fallujah and so many other guerrilla strongholds throughout Iraq and elsewhere.
On November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress met and passed the following resolution - in secret - thus establishing an American Marine Corps (based on the Royal Marine Corps model):

Resolved: That two battalions of Marines be raised consisting of one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two majors & other officers as usual in other regiments, that they consist of an equal number of privates with other battalions; that particular care be taken that no person be appointed to office or enlisted into said battalions, but such as are good seamen, or so acquainted with maritime affairs as to be able to serve to advantage by sea, when required. That they be enlisted and commissioned for and during the present war between Great Britain and the colonies, unless dismissed by order of Congress. That they be distinguished by the names of the first & second battalions of American Marines, and that they be considered a part of the number, which the Continental Army before Boston is ordered to consist of.

I've been celebrating Marine Corps birthdays every year since winning my eagle, globe, and anchor more than two decades ago. Pressing deadlines and other obligations will keep me from attending the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, this year. But I am going to e-mail a few Marine buddies, read a passage or two from FIRST TO FIGHT by Lt. Gen. Victor "Brute" Krulak (yes, the former commandant's dad), and then have some cake (actually, a Twinkie with a candle stuck in it).

Semper Fidelis.

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