Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Happy Birthday, Marines - Update

My editor at NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE (NRO), Kathyn Jean Lopez (known affectionately as K-Lo), posted an e-mail (from me to her) about the Marine Corps birthday on NRO's THE CORNER (8:05 AM). Almost immediately, she received a response from a reader arguing that the Army was playing a major role in the fighting in Fallujah, too, but wasn't getting enough play in NRO... Ah, the old interservice rivalry.
Yes, many of the Army's crack units from the 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division, Special Forces, etc. are playing a major role in Fallujah, but it is largely a Marine Corps show.
If that offends some... sorry. The U.S. Central Command didn't see the need to consult me in the matter. And frankly, had they done so, it still would be a Marine show.
Anyway, I wrote about the back-and-forth between the Army and the Marines for NRO in June. See it here: Rivalry at Normandy.

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